Administrative Staff Interview Questions

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“They asked me very specific billing and coding information and what the exact protocol was.”

“There really wasn't any questions except if I had any accounting skills.”

“Most questions relate to interpersonal skills. Nothing outrageous or unexpected is asked.”

“How would you implement replication of Active Directory objects to remote sites with high latency, low bandwidth network connections?”

“Describe a time when you handled a difficult work situation. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

“No questions actually related to the job in which you would be performing but only what type of person you are as a whole.”

“On the technical side it would probably be research / scientific driven questions. On the operations side it would be more job-related.”

“There wasn't much question at that time so I was very fortunate for this job, and I'm glad to be apart of the Sutter Health Employee.”

“How would you use the skills you have in this particular position?”

“Nothing unexpected except for the newly enhanced EEO questions, which tend to create a surreal interview process with questions completely unrelated to the job or hiring process.”

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