Administrative Support Team Associate Part Time Interview Questions

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“Explain a time in which you sold something to a stranger.”

“Give a time when you observed a co-worker doing something unethical? What did you do about it?”

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“The questions were canned behavioral questions they read from a paper. They weren't difficult to answer. They asked about an time at work where you had a hard task, and how did you get through it.”

“They asked me to describe one time in which I had a co-worker conflict and how I resolved it.”

“Why Macy's? How did you react to someone in your past experience who stole something? Are you comfortable multitasking? Give an example in your past experience where you provided excellent customer...”

“Asked what would I do if I saw an employee doing something against the law.”

“None of them were really unexpected. Most of them are focused on Customer Service orientation and putting the customer first.”

“There weren't any difficult questions, she only asked three 1. Describe a time when you saw someone bending or breaking the rules, what did you do? 2. What administrative experience do you have...”

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