Admissions Advisor Interview Questions

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“Tell me about a time when you where faced with a difficult situation and your outcome was negative because you made the wrong choice? What? Really?”

“How would you deal with a customer that was upset with you.”

“When you disagreed with your manager in the past how did you deal with it?”

“What makes you a good choice for admissions advisor”

“How many phone calls are you able to make in one day?”

“What kind of manager or boss do you prefer?”

“Really most of the questions were canned, generic interview questions. I guess the question I struggled the most with was "What is your customer service philosophy?"”

“Why should we hire you over anyone else?”

“Had us do a "mock sale" to the interviewing committee. Options were to sell a Gym Membership, Career in the Army, Fraternity/Sorority Enrollment, or to join a Sports Team.”

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