Admissions Assistant Interview Questions

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“asked "what is my biggest risk if I hire you?" which is difficult being that it is a double negative.”

“Why do I want to work for them?”

“(in regards to potential student) How would you get someone to talk to you if they were very shy?”

“Give me three reasons why you would be an asset to this company?

Tell me a time when you made a mistake at work..what was it, and how did you correct it?

Give me three words that describe YOU.”

“What would you do to save a student who applied and is wanting to cancel?”

“They ask you whether or not you'd push a product that a customer/client didn't want.”

“The questions I were asked were typical. Why apply for the position, what motivates me.”

“There were no difficult interview questions. It was basically a sales presentation as to reasons why it would be the perfect job for me.”

“Why did I want a job that required mostly all phone-oriented work?”

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