Admissions Counselor Interview Questions

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“1. Tell us a little about yourself
2. Why do you think you are a great pick from Anthem College?
3. Who else besides yourself do you feel is a great pick for the position besides yourself after…”

“Are you willing to take this job, if offered, if it doesn't pay more than your current employeer?”

“Are you okay with sitting at a desk all day and continuously dialing phone numbers all day to reach out to students?”

“Would be be offended if someone hungup on you or cursed you out on the phone?”

“If I thought I could talk about military financing options.”

“What is the local perception of this school?”

“Why didnt you choose to go to A&T University?”

“I really don't recall exactly, but it was along the lines of what to do if my boss asked me to act unethically...”

“The most difficult part of the interview process is when my not-quite knowledgeable interviewer asked me to speak slowly and take several pauses so she could apparently type every answer I gave her…”

“the questions all focused on my ability to deal with their system and stay......that was my clue on what to expect.”

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