Admissions Counselor Interview Questions

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“I really don't recall exactly, but it was along the lines of what to do if my boss asked me to act unethically...”

“How would you get someone to open up who is angry with you?”

“The most difficult part of the interview process is when my not-quite knowledgeable interviewer asked me to speak slowly and take several pauses so she could apparently type every answer I gave her...”

“the questions all focused on my ability to deal with their system and stay......that was my clue on what to expect.”

“How do I handle working with an employee I don't like.”

“Why do you want to work at Berkeley College”

“Why would you be a good counselor? Are you able to make high volume calls?”

“If you had one super power, what would it be?”

“Why I would want to work for a school I didn't attend”

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