Admissions Manager Interview Questions

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“Are you planning on relocating?”

“Do you have any question for us? Was a joke.”

“Do you have specific experience meeting sales goals/quotas? How did you meet those goals? What is your ideal co-worker like? Why do you want to work here? How would your current supervisor describe…”

“All questions are targeted selection which means you have to describe a situation, what you did and how it ended”

“Tell me a time you had to handle a difficult customer. Tell us what the customer did, how you handled the situation, and what was the outcome. They also followed up to ask if I remembered the…”

“Asked personal questions about personal life and about my religious beliefs and then was told could not get offended with her off colored jokes about races and certain religions”

“Might ask about food, as academics team is a bunch of foodies”

“Role Play: You are an admissions rep, and I am a potential student - what will you say to inspire, motivate and enroll me at Academy of Art?”

“The Associate Director started by saying we were short on time and to make my answers brief. This made answering very difficult as I felt I needed to keep it short rather than provide context and…”

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