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“Tell me about yourself?”

“Honestly it was, what do you think of Madmen, and what was my favorite thing about the show? I had been going on tons of interviews so all the normal general questions were a breeze, but I had never...”

“Do you have visible tatttos?”

“What is future like for you?”

“My interview was more of a conversation rather than the traditional list of random questions. The conversation was two way so I also had a chance to learn about my interviewer and the company as...”

“-Can you sell? Obviously, this is the core job function, and it's inside sales, so, if you genuinely cannot sell, it's not going to be for you.”

“Why do you want this position?”

“Give an example of when you were faced with a problem in the work place and how you solved it.”

“We can clearly see that you did an outstanding job and achieved so much throughout your career. What exactly brings you here?”

“Why do you think newspaper is the place for you?”

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