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“"Why do you want to work at Red Ventures?" Followed by.... "That's interesting, but really, why do want to work at Red Ventures... what is it about this company?"”

“Here is the brain teaser question: Given integers as 1, 2, 3, 4, ..., N. Every time you remove an alternative element until only one is left. If you reach the end, just do a rounding. Return the...”

“They asked me no questions during the "phone interview"...”

“Palindrome date.”

“Is there any questions for me”

“Who pays News America?”

“You have 8 coins. One is slightly heavier than the other 7. You have a scale. It costs $100 each time you use the scale. If you identify the heaviest coin you will get $250.”

“The distance between LA and NY is 3,000 miles. A train leaves LA and heads for NY at 100 mph. At the same time a bird leaves LA and heads to NY traveling at 300 mph. When the bird reaches NY it will...”

“What are your strengths?”

“If you are in charge of 30 people and there were 5 that were doing really well, 10 that were mediocre and 5 that were just not doing their job and not putting in any effort, how would you effectively...”

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