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“What was the hardest decision you had to make while dealing with a very angry customer?”

“How would you center a div?”

“Sell me your sell phone...”

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“If we were paid $5 every time someone "Liked" our clients page, and 30% of people that click on the ad like the page, what is the maximum we can pay per click to have a 20% profit margin?”

“What do you think will be the hardest part about this job for you?”

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“find the frequence of words in a given file”

“How do you control processes on a Linux server?”

“Given 2 lists of numbers (A, B), write a program that will return 3 lists. One that has the number common of the 2 lists, one that has the one in A only and one that is in B only.”

BSA at Epsilon

Aug 4, 2010

“how do you know a fridge light is out?”

“They give you a real life scenario to write and email to an imaginary client about...everything about this was easy except because I was so nervous I had difficulty getting the details down. Most...”

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