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“Tell me about your management style.”

“an engineer drew a picture of an F-14 fighter and drew four arrows away from the plane and asked me to define the direction the arrows pointed.”

Sales at NYBP

Nov 27, 2011

“What is your desired salary?”

“What is one thing you are currently working on about yourself?”

“The CEO liked to talk about sports, baseball & basketball mainly. I didn't undertand any relevance to the job, whole interview felt like a lockeroom pep talk. Very dull learned nothing more about...”

“What is a delegate in Java.”

“what makes you think you can make it in Securitas Security?”

“What is the yearly consumption of eggs in the USA”

“My particular experiences resulted in me driving the conversation and asking lots of questions, as I didn't feel the employee talking with me had a good grasp on my resume or past experiences.”

“Can you implement a hash map using an array?”

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