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“what makes you think you can make it in Securitas Security?”

“What is the yearly consumption of eggs in the USA”

“My particular experiences resulted in me driving the conversation and asking lots of questions, as I didn't feel the employee talking with me had a good grasp on my resume or past experiences.”

“Can you implement a hash map using an array?”

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“I just granted permission for United Healthcare to perform a check on my background. I suspect this might be a clue to a potential job offer. What happens next? And what sort of time frame should…”

“What would kind of friend would your friend say you are?”

“The Stubs program was the hardest, they give you the pamphlet 5 to 10 minutes before the interview and expect you to have memorized most of it.”

“What are the independent and dependent variables in your model? What are the underlying assumptions of the model? What did your research indicate should be the expected parameter estimates for your…”

“If Atlantic equals 50, what does Pacific equal?”

“Why are man-hole covers round?”

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