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“My particular experiences resulted in me driving the conversation and asking lots of questions, as I didn't feel the employee talking with me had a good grasp on my resume or past experiences.”

“Can you implement a hash map using an array?”

“If Atlantic equals 50, what does Pacific equal?”

“What types of attitudes make you angry”

“What is the difference between run level 3 and run level 5”

“What would you previous boss say about you/”

“The questions aren't difficult. It's getting them to look past one's skin color in order to be given a fair chance.”

“Why did you leave your last employer?”

“I was asked "how they would be able to keep me"....salary wise, since I had such a strong skill set in sales management?”

“On a questionnaire they had us fill out just prior to the final interview was the question "Do you want to work here?" with checkboxes for "yes and "no".”

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