Advertising Sales Interview Questions

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“If I was willing to relocate at my own expense. I lived an hour away in another county.”

“Present one of our clients to us.”

“Do you mind being treated like an animal?”

“What are my weaknesses”

“-Can you sell?

Obviously, this is the core job function, and it's inside sales, so, if you genuinely cannot sell, it's not going to be for you.”

“The most difficult part of the interview is the "Role-Play", where you are the Sales Rep. & they get to be the "Difficult Car Dealer". You have less than 5 minutes to read the specifics about the…”

“most difficult problem when selling and how did you overcome it...”

“How would you handle a particularly difficult client?”

“Give an example of when you were faced with a problem in the work place and how you solved it.”

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