Advising Interview Questions

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“Questions were pretty boilerplate and I went into the interview with credentials most candidates did not have. Interviewer did state that my experience would lend itself better to working in the…”

“I can't think of any. The interview was mostly a detailed description of the business and the department, and me asking questions. The position itself was vague.”

“None really . No technical questions, just psychology. Although it would be good to know the difference between a IRA and 401k and some other financial products.”

“No unexpected questions. Mainly fit questions about general interest in investments.”

“Case of sisgruntled student who wanted to be disenrolled. How do you keep him in the school?”

“What ideas do you for the XYZ that will help carry out the function of this office?”

“Nothing different from any other interview”

“What would you find to be the most challenging if selected for this position?”

“What would be the first thing you would do if selected for this position?”

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