Advisory Associate Interview Questions

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“After what you've seen so far, what else would you like to know/interests you about our company?”

“Name a difficult situation you've overcome.”

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“Give an example of strengths and weaknesses.”

“How many traffic signals in NYC?”

“Where do you see yourself in a group.”

“Tell me about yourself”

“Tell me about a project (one listed in the resume) and the challenges you faced. How did you resolve this”

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“Why did you go to law school if you intended on going into the business sector.”

“I was asked for examples for nearly every bullet I had listed on my resume. The interview wasn't extremely technical but did refer to my resume a lot as expected.”

“Please describe for me an experience when you were asked to lead a team. Walk me through your initial thought process regarding setting it up, forming the team. What went right? What went wrong…”

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