Advisory Associate Interview Questions

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“Why would a firm like KPMG will hire you as we have so many candidates coming here everyday for interview.”

“What is the most difficult experience you have had when working with others? Why, how did it get to that point, and how did you handle it? What would you change? How did this affect you?”

“After what you've seen so far, what else would you like to know/interests you about our company?”

“Name a difficult situation you've overcome.”

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“Give an example of strengths and weaknesses.”

“They asked me alot of questions regarding my experience in credit and related to financial crisis. How it could've been avoided”

“How many traffic signals in NYC?”

“Where do you see yourself in a group.”

“Tell me about yourself”

“Tell me about a project (one listed in the resume) and the challenges you faced. How did you resolve this”

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