Advisory Senior Associate Interview Questions

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“Consulting case”

“What is your current salary?”

“No difficult questions as such. Few Technical questions from one director. Few behavior questions and case study.. Just be confident. If you have a genuine experience in your area of expertise, you...”

“Why would a firm like KPMG will hire you as we have so many candidates coming here everyday for interview.”

“I was asked for examples for nearly every bullet I had listed on my resume. The interview wasn't extremely technical but did refer to my resume a lot as expected.”

“Tell me about your background.”

“Name a difficult situation you've overcome.”

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“Give an example of strengths and weaknesses.”

“Why should we hire you? Mostly walked through the resume and asked questions on my background”

“Explain to me a time where you had a team member who did not pull their weight on a project. How did you address this issue?”

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