Advisory Senior Interview Questions

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Advisory Senior at EY

Oct 9, 2013

“(After Sr Manager described further some of the core functional sub-groups within the main Advisory group), which sub-group do you feel that you could contribute the most to and why?”

“How will you convince your current employer to relieve you?”

“Tell me more about the time you worked on xxxx, yyyy, and zzzz?”

“Tell me about your background.”

“How can a international beverage company cut costs?”

“Can you follow through and close deals?”

“Can you describe your career history?”

“Why do you choose to work for KPMG?”

Advisory Senior at EY

Aug 8, 2014

“All of the questions were really standard and based on your past experience.”

“I was interviewed as Experienced Hire, lot of questions were on my experience with different technologies, where I want to be in 5 years, Ideal job description, few behavioral questions”

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