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“In front of you are three light switches. Only one does anything, and it turns on the light downstairs. From here you can't see the light, and it makes no sound. You must determine which switch...”

“Why did you reach the way they did not in the end or the middle. Not the beginning or the fat free length.”

“A man is in a canoe with a rock which is floating in a pool. What happens to the water level if you toss the rock in the pool.”

“What does the operating system do when you call a function?”

“2 - in C#, can you tell whether whatever the user has input is a string or integer?”

“Describe a time when you used common sense.”

“What I found surprising was that there were no particularly hard questions, but bear in mind I am a very experienced engineer.”

“What is systems engineering?”

“phone screen question: what is the derivative of veloctiy?”

“If you had to figure out the total number of red cars in the city of Boston, how would you go about doing that?”

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