Aerospace & Defense interview questions

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“They were looking for a skill set that I had in college, but not one that I had used in industry. The question was "Have you ever modeled a process via simulation? If so, what software platform did…”

“Describe a specific instance where you faced an ethical dilemma, were asked to do something unethical, or advised to lie about something. Describe how you handled the situation and why you handled it…”

“You have no real world experience with what this job requires. If presented with an assignment/project with real world demands and deadlines, how will you meet these needs?”

“Is it possible for the following function to go into an infinite loop given an array and its size in C:

void foo( int* array , int array_size )
   int index = 0;
   for( ; index < array_size…”

“What would I do if I found out one of my managers had been advising employees to use the wrong charge code.”

“What is my personality type and what kind of people do I find difficult to work with?”

“Please describe how to implement a function to print out a linked list backwards”

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“Are you willing to work overtime?”

“How do you swap variables without using a temporary variable? Assume the variables are always integers.”

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“They want extensive information for how you performed on your past jobs”

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