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“What is the best skill you can bring to our team?”

“Name a time when you've had to work with a group of tough people, and what you did to overcome any difficulties.”

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“Tell me about a time when you had to either accept or reject someones recommendation.”

“Can you help us”

“didn't have any questions, they said we have been looking for you because I knew the boss and that's how I got the job, fair? nope but that's how it works that's one reason there are a lot of…”

“Can you use a network analyzer? a spectrum analyzer?
How does a radio work?
What does an antenna do?”

“leading diverse teams”

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“Previous experience with difficult employees”

“This a 9-80 job, with loads of available and required overtime. Can you work overtime during the normal week and weekends?”

“The interview process was laid back and mostly geared towards assessing my personality and fit within the company, so most of the questions were repeats from other corporate engineering interviews…”

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