Aerospace & Defense interview questions

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“Previous experience with difficult employees”

“This a 9-80 job, with loads of available and required overtime. Can you work overtime during the normal week and weekends?”

“The interview process was laid back and mostly geared towards assessing my personality and fit within the company, so most of the questions were repeats from other corporate engineering interviews…”

“What education or experience has prepared you for this position?”

“In reality, I was very comfortable with all the questions. If anything, the question that called my attention was "what do you think of open source?". they wanted to see if I would be willing to…”

“How would you sell me this pen?”

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“Tell us about your background and skills”

“Any Experience with CCTV and proximity card readers - Technical Group interviewer”

“Any question regarding political beliefs and affliations.”

“Describe a time you failed professionally, what lessons did you learn and how did you apply them to future efforts?”

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