Aircraft Mechanic Interview Questions

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“How do you handle yourself in a stressful situation?”

“Name a time at one of your previous occupations you had a conflict with another employee.”

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“Are you willing to work overtime?”

“Why did you not want to stay at your old job?”

“Do you have experience with a pt6a”

“Again, problem solving techniques, emphasis on employee to employee working relationships.”

“If I would be willing to relocate”

“The most difficult question didn't come from the recruiter, it came from everyone else in my life. "Why do you want to be a Marine?"”

“No real challenging questions asked 1. If I was ever asked by a supervisor to sign off on an airworthiness item to get the plane out on time what would I do? 2. How would I handle a co worker who is…”

“Am I a good mechanic”

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