Algorithm Engineer Interview Questions

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“How would you design a program to calculate and store records for a paid parking lot”

“Explain the generalized Hough transform.”

“Would you be able to work here without telling your family what you are working on?”

Derive group delay of a non linear phase filter
Write a program to shuffle cards in a particular manner until original order of cards has been reinstated.”

“The multiplier is broken. Write a function in C to multiply two 16-bit integers.”

“Panel interview for phone screen and onsite technical interview:
Asked me about my project in great detail, things I have worked on, project areas, experience in Stereo imaging.”

“A specific question about QRS complex detection.”

“was asked to explain master's thesis, questions on pattern recognition & signal processing (filtering, nyquist theorem), mathematical modeling”

“In my third phone screen I was asked to describe AdaBoost in detail. I had done the project about eight months ago, and had forgotten the details and panicked. Takeaway? Know your resume thoroughly!”

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