Algorithm Engineer Interview Questions

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“How would you design a program to calculate and store records for a paid parking lot”

“A specific question about QRS complex detection.”

“Explain the generalized Hough transform.”

“was asked to explain master's thesis, questions on pattern recognition & signal processing (filtering, nyquist theorem), mathematical modeling”

“In my third phone screen I was asked to describe AdaBoost in detail. I had done the project about eight months ago, and had forgotten the details and panicked. Takeaway? Know your resume thoroughly!”

“Would you be able to work here without telling your family what you are working on?”

“The answer to this question had to do with correlation using Mutual Information”

“Knowledge of audio DSP algorithms required.”

Derive group delay of a non linear phase filter
Write a program to shuffle cards in a particular manner until original order of cards has been reinstated.”

“They have 3 divisions inside Rainbow team. DSP, Optics and Programming. most of the homework pertain to the dsp division so don't worry you might still have a chance. I thought I did well but maybe…”

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