Algorithm Interview Questions

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“Given two sorted integer arrays, write an algorithm to get back the intersection.”

“Find the Kth hisghest element in a given array.”

“First phone screen: Print all the nodes of a tree in reverse level order (ie print all the nodes at the leaves first, then print the nodes on the level above the leaves, and then eventually work your…”

“Given a list of strings, write a function to calculate the longest common prefix (LCP) of all those strings.”

“how to get the most significant bit from a byte?”

“Create a data structure that minimizes time complexity of retrieving median and inserting new element. Getting median should be O(1) and insertion should be O(log(n)).”

“Fibonacci implementation”

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“You have a set of envelopes of different widths and heights. One envelope can fit into another if and only if both the width and height of one envelope is greater than the width and height of the…”

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“to developd to class software describe it”

“About the details, and interviewer will communicate with you when you are typing.”

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