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“Really I dont remember any but after his little talk he asked "Does this sound like something you are interested in?" Again, I wish I had this information over the phone.”

“If you were the CEO of your current company what would you change?”

“If you're in a room with 20 dogs and no toys, what would you do?”

“what did I dislike the most about cooking”

All at Lutron

Apr 18, 2014

“You will be asked to do a "role play".”

All at FedEx Office

Apr 4, 2014

“"What do you know about our product and services?”

“Tell me a time when you had to stream line a process, and how did you do that”

“In software, come up with an algorithm to shuffle a standard deck of cards.”

“What brings you in here today, theyll <a class="ktg6us78hf8vdu7" href="javascript void(0)">hire</a> you unless you question their pyramid scheme too much”

“If we call your previous manager, what would he or she say was your best attribute and your worst?”

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