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“Tell me why you want to work at Altria?”

“Besides making good money and working for a fortune 200 company, why do you want to work for Altria?”

Summer Sales at Altria

Jan 27, 2013

“Given a sales forecasting case with three products: cigarettes, black & milds, and skoal tobacco. Asked to forecast sales plan”

“Why is your gpa only a 3,4?”

“What is your favorite brand and why?”

“Your biggest challenge and how you overcame it.”

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“Please tell me about a time when you had to use data to accomplish a sales call. What was the plan and what was the outcome.”

“Tell me about yourself.”

IT Intern at Altria

Oct 18, 2010

“Describe a situation in which you took a risk, did it pay off, and would you do it differently next time.”

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