Analog Design Engineer Interview Questions

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“How to make sure the 2-stage opamp is stable? How does the compensation work?”

“why is matching required?”

“Can you draw a circuit to bias the gate of a cascode device? (No mention of supply limitation, threshold voltages, care in tracking PVT variations, or anything else. Just, draw a circuit to bias the...”

“We have lunch right now, you are welcome to join us”

“Why do we need the "DOWN" pulse in Hogge detector? Can we get by not using it?”

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“What do you think would be the hardest part of this job?”

“TI Fellow asked me this question: If you're hired, your job will be to design a power supply, that I haven't been able to figure out. How will you go about it?”

“Tell me about your project (from the resume) - Temperature Sensor IC Design”

“Can you derive the formula for the voltage of a bandgap?”

“Draw the cross section of a MOST and some questions about the charge in the channel and the effect of the voltage on the drain”

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