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“Why do you want to work at LeeMurphy?”

“A coworker is making a presention and would like to mention a 3% increase in customer satisfaction over the previous year and wants to know your input. What advice would you give him/her?”

“They did ask me to provide " very specific" examples from my former work that demonstrated my research and supervisory experience and expertise. Therefore, a prospective interviewee needs to be very…”

“Sometimes it is hard to think of the perfect situation to fit the behavioral questions.”

“How would you advice one of the business monoliths, such as Verizon, Comcast, IBM, etc., to strategically leverage new-age players like, Apple, Facebook or Google?”

“What's the stress on a unit cube subject to 5 psi of pressure?”

“Have you developed incentive systems and what were the results?”

“What elements were included in your program.”

“Behavior interview; tell me about a time when.......”

“Study the company 10k and know the products and balance sheet.”

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