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“Since you are interviewing externally, what would you say to internal candidates who might be a bit weary of us possibly hiring you?”

“-Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
-If you had to take away everything you know about your current position where you work, what would you be doing?
-If you had no metrics, how would…”

“Talk about a time you juggled multiple priorities.”

“How would you handle a situation where you were being pressured to expose confidential information?”

“The case study was stressful because I had no idea what was coming. It ended up being a relatively simple case, so it turned out alright. Be prepared to quickly analyze some basic data about whatever…”

“Provide an example of when you had a disagreement with a fellow employee but needed to reach a mutual solution.”

“The first person who I interviewed with was so uncomfortable. He was like he wanted to leave the room asap. He didn't speak before the case question and was not clear about the question.”

“What are 3 things that you must have in your next position?”

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