Analysis Interview Questions

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“Suppose you are looking at a toll road in Mexico. Walk me through the risk analysis. What risk areas would you focus on?”

“How would you address Management if your cost estimate was way too low from the contract cost?”

“What were the projects you handled in Econometrics and Forecasting class? How did they enhance your analysis skill?”

“What gives you an advantage over all other applicants for this job?”

“Design an LRU cache”

“Since this was my last interview with the state and was nearly 12 years ago, I don't remember this kind of detail. I was asked about my experience in facilitating the interaction of largely diverse…”

“What does SOA mean and do have experience with instructing others in that area?”

“how would you diagnose a hardware system that was having excessive signal to noise problems from a camera that measures fluorescent signals?”

“What experience do you have with cost analysis?”

“What benefits do see with working with our company?”

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