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“What is the probability of throwing 11 and over with 2 dices”

“A Russian gangster kidnaps you. He puts two bullets in consecutive order in an empty six-round revolver, spins it, points it at your head and shoots. *click* You're still alive. He then asks you...”

“Tell me how you would determine how many house painters there are in the United States?”

“Let's say we're playing Russian roulette. The revolver has SIX barrels, THREE of which contain bullets. I give you two options: A. Spin, shoot. Spin, shoot. Spin, shoot. (For a total of...”

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“What are 5 uncommon uses of a brick, not including building, layering, or a paper-weight?”

“f(n) is a function counting all the ones that show up in 1, 2, 3, ..., n. so f(1)=1, f(10)=2, f(11)=4 etc. When is the first time f(n)=n.”

“how many times the hour and minute hands of the clock form right angle during one day?”

Analyst at Accenture

Jul 6, 2009

“What is your biggest weakness.”

“You are to write a method getMissingLetters, which takes a String, sentence, and returns all the letters it is missing (which prevent it from being a pangram)”

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