Analyst Programmer Interview Questions

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“How do you feel about the University of Alabama? Not sure how it relates to anything but very important within the department. Trick question.”

“There are no truly difficult questions, unless you are interviewing directly for a programming position, then you had better know the language you are interviewing.”

“Asked me about fixing a problem specific to their business.”

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“what is your experience”

“where are you from”

“There are three light bulbs up stairs and three switches downstairs.

You have to match each bulb with each switch but you can only go upstairs ONE time. How do you know what switches go with what…”

“What can you do for US?”

“I was asking how I would go about the process of figuring out the depth of the Mariana Trench by dropping a bowling ball into it.”

“The technical questions were expected and not difficult”

“You will get riddle-like questions.”

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