Analyst Sales and Trading Interview Questions

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“What is R squared? (Statistics)”

“I roll a die. If I roll a 1, I give you $1. If I roll a 2, I give you $2, and so on. Make me a market on this game, and explain why.”

“what is the square root of 64,000?”

“Which would you choose to invest in...Ford or GM?”

“How do you hedge interest rate risk?”

“This wasn't difficult, but it's the only specific question I can remember.

You're playing basketball and you're down by 2. You know you can hit a 2-pointer to tie the game with 28% probability…”

“Why did we choose you to come to our final round interview?”

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“What is BofA currently trading at?”

“If you had to buy a stock what stock would you buy?”

“Asked about how the change in commodities pricing has affected the S&T market”

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