Analytical Interview Questions

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“There was an analytical round, i was surprised to have open ended questions which seems little weird and the expectations to answer these questions in a certain way. I would recommend going over...”

“what is the distribution of the integral of W_tdt?(W_t is a brownian motion)”

“How many light bulbs are sold to households in the United States in a year?”

“Cap One has a clearly defined process, which they tell you up front. If you do your homework, nothing should be a surprise.”

“How many people are in Logan Airport at 9am on a Monday morning?”

“At a movie theater, the manager announces that they will give a free ticket to the first person in line whose birthday is the same as someone who has already bought a ticket. You have the option of...”

“You are in a game of Russian Roulette with a revolver that has 3 bullets placed in three consecutive chambers. The cylinder of the gun will be spun once at the beginning of the game. Then, the gun...”

“In employee table there is a self reference to boss (who is also an employee). How to find the number of people that work under a given person for his entire tree.”

“Throw a fair coin as many times as you need, compare the probability of getting the sequence HHT with the probability of getting the sequence HTH. Which is higher?”

“What is one of your weaknesses ?”

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