Analytical reasoning Interview Questions

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“Why should I hire you, what can you do for the company. I was asked by the support personal.”

“What do you want to do in the future?”

“Explain a situation where you came up with a new process for something?”

“When would you like to start?”


Jan 20, 2010

“What specific weakness would you say you have as a BMET?”

“If you had a flat tire on the interstate what are the sequence of events to resolve the issue at hand and continue on your way?”

“Another exercise was to work with two other candidates for the job I was interviewing for and develop 1-3 press releases in an hour, using one computer, while two Next Jump employees watch, take...”

“Analyze this Excel table of information and write a press release around it.”

“Think back to a bad college experience and tell us about it.”

“Design stops for airplane”

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