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Feb 6, 2010

Interview Question for Sales Representative at Cigna:

“You receive a document with information about a client looking for insurance. Then you receive infomation about the plan that you are supposed to push. You give a presentation for 4 minutes to all…”

Feb 4, 2010

Interview Question for Internet Marketing Analyst at Facebook:

“Build a model to create a database of any and all possible nicknames for every user's given name.”

Feb 4, 2010

Interview Question for Internet Marketing Analyst at Facebook:

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“1. Pick a product on Facebook. Please describe the logical data model for related fact and dimension tables, the aggregation tables you'd want to build for analytics, and the dashboard you'd build…”

Feb 3, 2010

Interview Question for Business Development at Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services:

“If you had a flat tire on the interstate what are the sequence of events to resolve the issue at hand and continue on your way?”

Jan 20, 2010

Interview Question for BMET I at ARAMARK:

“What specific weakness would you say you have as a BMET?”

Jan 9, 2010

Interview Question for Scientist at Eli Lilly:

“What sorts of skills did you learn from [fill in the blank] project”

Jan 2, 2010

Interview Question for Territory Sales at W.W. Grainger:

“what in this room do we carry”

Dec 2, 2009

Interview Question for IT Support Manager at Florida Virtual School:

“What would you do if you were faced with a problem that you could not solve.”

Nov 13, 2009

Interview Question for Officer at State Street:

“What is an example where you have used measures to dictate the outcome of a situation? shortterm and longterm.”

Nov 8, 2009

Interview Question for Business Development Engineer at Palantir Technologies:

“Given a fleet of 50 trucks, each with a full fuel tank and a range of 100 miles, how far can you deliver a payload? You can transfer the payload from truck to truck, and you can transfer fuel from…”