Analytical skills Interview Questions

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“Given two base classes and a class derived from them how might one layout class instance memory so that polymorphism will work correctly. Problem was simplified in that one could assume memory was a...”

“The VCR Plus feature was described. In the TV programming guide each program/show/movie had its own code. When user wanted to program the VCR to record a particular show she just had to enter the...”

“Given a dictionary, with all possible anagrams of a word, how would you test it out and what is the Data Structure that you will use to construct it with Design of the same.”

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“What is your approach to solving problems”

MBA Intern at Adobe

Jun 25, 2012

“Case question: How would you approach renewals/retention strategy?”

“Why do I want to leave my current position. I must sound positive, but it's hard when you don't care for your boss.”

“Add up a sum of numbers on a whiteboard and give me the average.”

“HVAC Experience?”

“Explain a situation where you came up with a new process for something?”

“are you detailed oriented”

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