Analytics Analyst Interview Questions

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“Tell me about a time when you had to give someone bad news”

“Give analytics perspective of a scenaio which they tell you”

“can you tell me how many airplanes fly out of o'hare in a given day?”

“The analytics "homework" was a straightforward assignment to visually represent some data, put some thought into metrics, and draw some conclusions from the data.”

“Describe a situation where you received pushback from a partner and how did you handle the situation?”

“What is the highest level of stakeholder you've presented to?”

“Which historical figure would you most like to meet?”

“Write a sudo code for travels salesman problem”

“I was asked a version of the following question in both the second and third round of my interview process:

I walk into a "____" store. Take a minute to put together a pitch in your head and when…”

“How would you convinced that your project is efficient to companies who only want profits?”

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