Analytics Analyst Interview Questions

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“How would you convinced that your project is efficient to companies who only want profits?”

“My strength and weakness and the reason I am interested in the position and the company.”

“Tell me about yourself - I never know how to answer this one!”

“Out of all your experiences on your resume, which is your favorite?”

“The behavioral interview in general was the most difficult as IBM's "qualities" they look for are very specific and different than other consulting firms, so it's hard to prepare answers beforehand.”

“Give me a time you had to deal with unstructured data?”

“No difficult questions
tell me about an analysis you conducted
how do you feel about work/life balance?
why do you want to work in the banking industry (since I formerly worked in PR)
why do you…”

“What do you think of the current market?”

“There wasn't too much that was unexpected. Given the type of role, there was a fair number of 'tell me about a time....' questions. One group of interviewers had me 'teach' a concept as I would to…”

“Tell me about a project that involved teamwork.”

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