Analytics Associate Interview Questions

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“eBay reduces the commission from sellers. The Average Selling Price goes up. Why?”

“Given 4 people who each take different times to cross a bridge (10 mins, 5mins, 2mins and 1 min), what's the least amount of time taken to cross the bridge if only 2 can cross at a time and a…”

“"What would you be most concerned about on your first day of work"”

“How would you handle a difficult client who has unrealistic expectations? What if this cilent wants you to meet a deadline that is simply not possible?”

“1. What areas or factors would you investigate for Enova to enter X country market?”

“Describe a time when you failed to meet expectations”

“How do you choose between two locations to place a new store”

“We have these 3 different sources of data, how would you work with them and derive insights from them? All behavioral and experience based questions”

“None. Just the resume walk through for the phone interview.”

“Then I got invited to onsite interview in Boston, Deloitte arranged for all the travel.
Had 5 rounds of interview with 2 partners, Sr Manager, Manager and then 1 question round with a Associate…”

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