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“inner join and outer join definitions. and normalization”

“How to grep phone numbers in Unix directory. The files are spread across the directory tree.”

“1. What is the Central Limit Theorem?
2. If X is a Random Variable distributed with mean u_x, Variance s^2_x and Y is an independent Random Variable distributed with mean u_y, variance s^2_y…”

“Why is polymorphism useful in OOP”

“Don't remember, this was a long time ago. Maybe some random trivia about how paths are evaluated on Windows versus linux (from left to right or right to left).”

“Design Facebook graph search with basic implementation. Create/ implement a chat server, searching a rotated sorted tree.”

“Mostly ETL questions with interviews mainly looking for client orientation and cultural match”

“Write an address book application (complete with a database and a GUI) in 24 hours.”

“Given an array of integers, find the largest possible number you can make from all the integers combined.”

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