Android Developer Interview Questions

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“What is a volatile variable, and why would you use it?”

“move the letter from a string to the end of a string. Letter to be moved are contained in a second string”

“Puzzle of 25 horses (there are 25 horses, you have to find fastest 3 by using min number of race, 5 horse per race is permitted).”

“What is Object, Polymorphism static in java?”

“Write a buzz-fizz function (counts from 1-100, if number is divisible by 5 it prints buzz, if divisible by 3 prints fizz, if divisible by 15 it prints buzzfizz).”

“Basic Android development questions”

“String reverse. Tree(data structure) related question.”

“Coding assement included building a dropbox application using the new Api. How would you consume a REST api? Data structures. Activity and Fragment life cycle. Intents. The difference between...”

“Hash Table run time complexity”

“Which is better for Binary search tree, array vs vector?”

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