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“Typical interview questions: strengths/weaknesses, what can you offer etc.”

“During the video chat interview, I was asked to put together some coding on problem approach. Not difficult as I have some minor programming background, but it was unexpected as there was no mention...”

Anonymous at RSSM

Apr 13, 2014

“How flexible are you on travel and working under key deadlines?”

“No hard questions. The supervisor just wanted to know about my experience. Then they gave great information about the position and company.”

“Are you the type of person who makes things happen or who would prefer to sit back and let things happen?”

“What did they pay you at your last job? Do you have any questions?”

Anonymous at Ciber

Jul 19, 2015


“Didn't really have one in particular. Maybe if was ready to take the bull by the horns if offered the job and how I planned to do that exactly.”

“No difficult questions, this was only an HR screening by someone who did not seem very interested at all in my skillset. I felt as though my time was just being wasted. I have a very thorough...”

“It sounds like an easy question, and actually is, but it caught me off guard..."What would people say you are good at?"”

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