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“What entices you about this role and would you say you have hard skills or soft skills?”

“There really were not any difficult or unexpected questions--a very abridged version of STAR behavioral analysis, "tell us about a time you messed up at work and what you did about it." There was a…”

“Pretty standard interview questions with more of a focus on allowing the interviewee to ask questions.”

“During the video chat interview, I was asked to put together some coding on problem approach. Not difficult as I have some minor programming background, but it was unexpected as there was no mention…”

“How do you handle stress?”

“What my salary was like 15 years ago and 6 jobs ago”

“How flexible are you on travel and working under key deadlines?”

Anonymous at i.c.stars

Jan 11, 2012

“Who is....'the man"?”

“Where were you born?”

“No hard questions. The supervisor just wanted to know about my experience. Then they gave great information about the position and company.”

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