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Anonymous at MPHI

Jun 26, 2015

“What motivates me?”

Anonymous at Velocify

Sep 4, 2013

“Hiring manager asking me in the final interview: why didn't you stay at XYZ company? (two employers ago)”

“I prefer not to answer this because it would be too easy for people to figure out who is making this report.”

“(For me, the questions were simple and easy to answer) Tell me about a time when you went out of your way to deliver excellent service to a customer or client that went above and beyond the call of...”

“Tell me about a time when you failed to deliver excellent service to a customer or client and what you did to rectify the situation.”

“What entices you about this role and would you say you have hard skills or soft skills?”

Anonymous at Savers

Mar 22, 2015

“It was not intimidating at all... basic questions.”

“There really were not any difficult or unexpected questions--a very abridged version of STAR behavioral analysis, "tell us about a time you messed up at work and what you did about it." There was a...”

“Pretty standard interview questions with more of a focus on allowing the interviewee to ask questions.”

“Tell me about your previous experience.”

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