App Developer Interview Questions

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“Write a buzz-fizz function (counts from 1-100, if number is divisible by 5 it prints buzz, if divisible by 3 prints fizz, if divisible by 15 it prints buzzfizz).”

“past experience”

“questions about projects”

“I do not understand why but the interviewer kept on insisting to know more about my family, from my point of view the intentions were not entirely work oriented but for personal interests.”

“4. What is your Twitter account name?”

“Tell me about a time you had to explain a technical issue to a non-technical person and how you would explain yourself.”

“5. What is your Facebook account name?”

“• Tell me something about yourself
• Why do you want to leave your company
• How would you resolve a conflict situation
• How would you mentor juniors
• Situation where you were in deep trouble…”

App Developer at SAIC

Jul 20, 2013

“Wasn't familiar with term uml, but knew about the OOP relationships in the diagram.”

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