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“If your mother bought an iPhone, and she called you saying, "My iPhone won't send or receive E-Mails," how would you walk her through fixing the issue?”

“What if a game restarts or an application loses data and an irate customer calls for data to be replaced but you know you can't do that.”

“Why Apple?”

“Do you know what safe mode is when a computer is starting up?”

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“The customer service questions got me. Due to me never really having to deal with that. Also, the tech support questions got me a little. I did not know if they wanted me to solve all the problems…”

“If you had to choose a email protocol which would you choose and why?”

“Nothing out of the ordinary. My printer isn't working what should I do.”

“The customer service part is a breeze for me. Emphathize with each role play they give you. The tech questions were more difficult. included explaining RAM to an old person, what would you do if…”

“If a customer called in after they've dropped their Macbook. How would you fix this?”

“What does your day (in this position, at this job) look like?”

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