Applications Architect Interview Questions

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“Basic Object Oriented question”

“Write an algorithm to count the change due with a specific number of denominations of coins.”

“If we hire you, how will you fix our client web site? (Really? what web site? What's wrong with it? should I have known of it's existence?)”

“All of them wanted to know how I motivate developers to move to technology. which was kind of weird to me because my experience has been that developers always want to try the next thing”

“What was your most challenging recent work experience, and how did you resolve it?”

“What is Stored Procedure and when to use ?”

“What are different Class Loaders in JSE application and what they do?”

“How would you model a user requirement for a developer”

“How would you model a user requirement for a user”

“They like to know exactly why you are leaving your current position.”

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