Applications Developer Intern Interview Questions

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“The word problem posed by the interviewer was exceedingly simple; list all prime numbers between two positive integers, m and n. This was the easiest question I have been asked by a...”

“How would you find a single duplicate in 1 million consecutive integers in a unordered array in linear time?”

“What do you know about MSCI?”

“Technical questions were about OOP and data structures.”

“A few "have you ever heard of __?", "Do you know what __ is?", and "Have you ever used __?" I didn't know most of them but I expressed that I learn easily.”

“Nothing difficult, know your resume and projects you've completed in the past because you will be questioned based on your experience so as to fit you with the best team.”

“can you create both clustered and non clustered index on sql server 2008 table”

“Nothing to hard in particular, but they wanted to know my efficiency in adapting to new CS languages”

“How would you handle conflicting code specs?”

“What was the most difficult situation you delt with your former manager”

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