Applications Developer Interview Questions

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“Setting up a CP ( Contingency Plan), how you ever set up a CP?”

“16 bit number: how to change the bits 0 with 1, 2 with 3 etc..”

“How to found first unrepeated character in the string. “abca” return “b””

“Write me the shortest path algorithm for a graph”

“Bliffoscope problem:”

“2nd round: IT Manaer(QA Lead)
What was your most challenging project/How was your relationship with QA team/How you react to a bug raised by QA/What is the problem you think that case the fighting…”

“Reverse an array of words using only a single char swap space”

“3rd round: Sr. Application Developer(The position I went for)
static synchronized vs non-static synchronized/velocity/static inner class, inner class, why we need it/class locking vs object…”

“What is the difference between a <span> tag and a <div> tag?”

“How do you integrate CSS into your pages?”

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