Applications Development Analyst Interview Questions

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“If I was an IT Consultant and had to set up 30 training rooms with 30 computers. What would you do and how many times would you met with the client?”

“Setting up a CP ( Contingency Plan), how you ever set up a CP?”

“Couple of hibernate/spring related questions were little difficult given the fact that I had never used so much depth of skills when working until yet.”

“What's the difference between java and javascript”

“How will you define Quality? Have you ever compromised it?”

“How did you handled pressure? give situations and explain.”

“Basic C# and .NET - nothing too daunting. Like what is the difference between an abstract class and an interface. Textbook questions.”

“Probably the one about biggest weakness or drawback, although I don't remember clearly. (It was actually one of the easier and more candid interviews I've experienced.)”

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