Applications Development Engineer Interview Questions

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“How to discover if the given number is Power of 2 ?”

“Binary tree , left node has smallest value . Print 5 10 20 25 and then “count of nodes=4”…”

“16 bit number: how to change the bits 0 with 1, 2 with 3 etc..”

“How to found first unrepeated character in the string. “abca” return “b””

“In MVC pattern, where to fit communication with a server?”

“why kla, why not etc? describe your project in details-> 10 mins go.. use chalk board when needed.. all that stuff”

“3-6months abroad? hair numbers in the US? detecting defects in images? and wafers”

“write class implements Queue with ability to set Priority for an item of the Queue”

“They want me to design a scalable prototype of basic information retrieval system.”

“What is the difference between Objective-C automatic reference counting and garbage collection?”

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